Our history

Our history

European Academy is the leading language school in the Americas. We currently have more than 75 branches; being present in 8 countries, from the US to Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic, transforming more than 1 million people into bilinguals and trilinguals.

We are proud to have 52 years of experience in the art of language teaching. We are the only ones on the continent using the patented IALS® system, considered by experts to be the best system for learning another language. What drives all of us at European Academy every day is our passion for teaching languages that change the lives of every child, teenager, adult or executive who passes through our classrooms.

In the more than a thousand daily classes we teach on the continent, we put all our energy and skill into helping more people fulfill their dreams and achieve their goals. That is our greatest satisfaction.

We are leaders in technological and teaching innovation, we have the best continental alliances such as the one with National Geographic Learning and the ISO 9001-2015 certification.

Our expansion continues at an accelerated and steady pace, our commitment is to reach out to every person who needs to speak another language.

We keep on growing to make you grow.

Speak another language now!

Today, more than 1 million people speak a new language thanks to European Academy You can start today and be a member of the largest polyglot community in the Americas.

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