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If you love languages, Czech is the next opportunity to communicate fluently in Europe! Unlike Russian, Czech is written using the Latin alphabet, and it is easier to learn how to read and write!


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5 reasons to learn Czech

Here you have some good reasons to start learning Czech today!

The Czech Republic is a small European country with impressive landscapes. In addition, it has many beautiful historical places that date back a long time and that you cannot miss!

Czech is a Slavic language, so it is closely related to others such as Russian, Belarusian, Polish, and others. It will be easier for you to learn more similar languages.

If you are planning to live in another for a better future, the Czech Republic will offer you great job opportunities. This country has a fairly solid and constantly growing economy. Despite its size and number of inhabitants, it is still one of the most stable countries in the region.

The Czech Republic has a large number of educational institutions and universities where you can study. You will find some of the largest and highest-rated universities in Europe.

Graduates from Czech universities are very competitive candidates and have extensive knowledge. Furthermore, Czech professionals are academically better prepared than many in other European countries.

Many of the foreigners who visit this country do not speak any Czech. Even many immigrants go there without knowing a single word of that language. This makes communication between nationals and immigrants very difficult.



Therefore, speaking Czech is a sign of respect for them.

Today, more than 1 million people speak a new language thanks to European Academy. You can be the next member of the largest multilingual community of the American Continent!

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