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5 reasons to learn Spanish

Find out some reasons to start learning Spanish today!

It is a fact that Spanish is the fourth language with more than 500 million speakers around the world. And that percentage increases every day. It is most likely that you meet Spanish speakers at some point in your life.

Spanish is the official language of most Latin American countries. If you are planning to visit this region of the world you will enjoy your tour if you can communicate in the local culture. You will meet new friends and learn about the customs and traditions to enhance your experience.

Spanish is one of the main languages around the world. If you can communicate in Spanish, you will make new friends easily.

The Spanish language has its roots in the Latin language just as many others. If you become fluent in Spanish, it will be easier to learn other languages such as Italian and French.

Since there are many countries where Spanish is spoken, you will find many options to apply for a job. Whether in Latin America or Spain, the job market is very wide and full of opportunities for you.

Today, more than 1 million people speak a new language thanks to European Academy. You can be the next member of the largest multilingual community of the American Continent!

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